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Frenos electromagnéticos para seguridad

Embragues electromagnéticos

Frenos de imanes para control de tensión

Controles Analógicos y digitales

Controles para embragues y frenos

Fotoceldas para marcas en color y sensores diversos


Capping Clutches
Permanent Magnet-Mag Particle Clutch/Brakes-Capping Headsets Capping Machinery Magnetic Capping Headsets Cabezales Magnéticos y Tapaderas (Español)

Clutches & Brakes - Industrial
Basic Design Clutches/Brakes Packaged Electromagnetic Clutch/Brake Permanent Magnet-Mag Particle Clutch/Brakes-Capping Headsets Wrap Spring Clutches and Brakes-BO
Electric Wrap Spring Clutches ERD Electrically Released Spring Set Brakes WR Series - Custom Design ERD's Spring Set Brakes
Smooth-Start Unimodules & Controls Flyer Fractional HP Clutches/Brakes Brakes for Personal Mobility Appl AC Motor Brake Brochure
Packaged Electromagnetic Clutches/Brakes Catalog 14.1 MB      

Clutches & Brakes - Industrial (Applications)
Washdown Duty Products Bakery/Snack Food Applications Blisterpacking Machinery Wrapping Machinery
Palletizing Machinery Filling Machinery Form Fill Seal Machinery Bottling Machinery
Washdown Electro Pack C/B Flyer Air vs Electric Clutches/Food Apps Enclosed Clutch/Brake UniModules/Bakery Wrap Springs for Food Processing
Wrap Spring Indexing Apps Air vs Electric Clutch/Brakes EUM/MH Forklift Truck Brakes  

Custom Electromagnetic Coils - Alcoils
Alcoils Product Overview Brochure      

Engine, Pump & Compressor Clutches
Power Take Off Catalog (Engine,Pump,Compressor)      

Sensors & Switches
Safety Hinge Switch Flyer Cable Pull Switch Flyer Cartoning & Case Packaging Machinery Palletizing Machinery
Inspection Machinery Sensors/Switches Catalog    

Tension Systems
Tension Control Systems Catalog Blisterpacking Machinery Wrapping Machinery  

Turf & Garden
Clutch/Brakes for Lawn & Garden Equip.      


Power Take - off Clutches Basic Design Clutches & Brakes
Tomas de fuerza

Complete Catalog 20.3MB


Product Line Overview 256K

Design Features 192K
Selection Overview 128K
Mechanical Data 320K
Mounting Examples 192K


Auto Gap Features 64K

Product Line 178K
C-Face Compatible Units 1MB

Drive Pin Mounting Data 64K

Electro Modules 325K
UniModules 427K
Enclosed UniModules 334K
Shaft and Base Mounted Units 823K
SF - Series

SF - Series / Clutches 4.1MB

Electro Clutches and Brakes 320K

SF-120 FM 128K

Advanced Technology Clutches and Brakes 295K

SF-120 BM 128K

Packaged Stationary Field Clutches SFP-250 / SFP-400 93K

SF-170 FM 128K

Electro Pack 790K

SF-170 BM 128K

Electrically Released Brakes 964K

SF-250 FM 128K

Spring-Set Brakes 412K

SF-250 BM 128K

Permanent Magnet Brakes 195K

SF-400 FM 128K

Permanent Magnet NEMA C-face Modules 445K

SF-400 BM 128K

Application Data Form 41K

SF-500 BM 192K


SF-650 FM 192K

Wrap Spring Clutches & Clutch / Brakes
Embragues y frenos de muelle abrazante

Complete Catalog 1.36MB

SF-650 BM 192K

Basic Design Principals, Applications & Selection (pp.2-7)

SF-825 FM 192K

Mounting Requirements & C/B Adjustment (pp. 8-11)

SF-825 BM 192K

CB Series (pp.12-18)

SF-825 FM Heavy Duty 192K

Super CB Series (pp.19-23)

SF-825 BM Heavy Duty 192K

WSC Series (pp.24-29)

SF-1000 FM 192K

One Shot Power Supplies (pp.30-31)

SF-1000 BM 192K

Application Engineering (pp.32-36)

SF-1000 FM Heavy Duty 192K


SF-1000 BM Heavy Duty 192K

Clutch / Brake Controls
Controles electrónicos para embragues y frenos

Complete Catalog 1.5MB

SF-1225 FM 192K

On-Off Controls - CBC-100, CBC-150, CBC160, CBC801, CBC-802, CBC-400, and CBC-450 474K

SF-1225 FM Heavy Duty 256K

Adjustable Torque Controls - MCS-103-1, MCS-805-1, MCS-805-2, CBC-200, CBC-300, CBC-500, CBC-550, CBC-1825R 516K

SF-1225 BM 192K

Overexcitation Controls - CBC-700 and CBC-750 199K

SF-1225 BM Heavy Duty 256K

Closed Loop Position Control - CBC-1000 115K

SF-1525 FM 192K

Appendix 55K

SF-1525 FM Heavy Duty 256K

Questions and Answers 46K

SF-1525 BM 192K

Controls Ordering Information 34K

SF-1525 BM Heavy Duty 256K

Service Parts 1.3MB

SF-1525 H.T. FM 256K

Replacement Service Parts 31K

SF-1525 H.T. BM 256K

C-face Compatible Units 422K
PC Series

PC Series Clutch 1.6MB

Electro Modules 442K

PC-500 192K

UniModules 540K

PC-825 192K

Enclosed UniModules 406K

PC-825 Heavy Duty 192K

Shaft and Base Mounted Units 619K

PC-1000 192K

Electro Clutches and Brakes 893K

PC-1000 Heavy Duty 192K

Advanced Technology Clutches and Brakes 434K

PC-1225 256K

Electro Pack 295K

PC-1225 Heavy Duty 256K

Electrically Released Brakes 826K

PC-1525 256K

Permanent Magnet Brakes 355K

PC-1525 Heavy Duty 256K

EM 499K
SFC Series

SFC - Series Clutch Couplings 3.3MB

Part Numbers - Ordering Information 165K

SFC-120 FM 128K

Index 78K

SFC-120 BM 192K

Packaged Parts 36K

SFC-170 FM 128K

Bushing Part Numbers 193K

SFC-170 BM 128K


SFC-250 FM 128K

Tension Systems
Sistemas para control de tensión

Complete Catalog 4.4MB

SFC-250 BM 128K

Tension Control Systems 106KB

SFC-400 FM 128K

Products for Controlling Tension - Overview 106KB

SFC-400 BM 128K

Application Examples 94KB

SFC-500 BM 192K

System Configurations 357KB

SFC-500 BM Heavy Duty 192K

Application Data Form 85KB

SFC-650 FM 192K

Design Considerations and Selection 189KB

SFC-650 BM 192K

Dancer Arm Sensors 192KB

SFC-825 FM 192K

Load Cell Sensors 195KB

SFC-825 BM 192K

Tension Controls 108KB

SFC-1000 FM 192K

Selection Guide 176KB

SFC-1000 BM 192K

MCS2000 Series Systems 325KB

SFC-1225 FM 256K

Analog Controls 129KB

SFC-1225 BM 192k

Dancer Controls 103KB

SFC-1525 FM 256K

Power Supplies and Accessories 73KB

SFC-1525 BM 256K

Dimensions/Enclosures 87KB

SFC-1525 H.T. FM 256K

Tension Brakes and Clutches 2.91MB

SFC-1525 H.T. BM 256K

Selection Guide 97KB
PCC Series

PCC - Series Clutch Couplings 1.1MB

TB Series - Basic Tension Brakes 206KB

PCC-500 192K

ATT Series - Advanced Technology 599KB

PCC-500 Heavy Duty 256K

MTB - Modular Tension Brakes 404KB

PCC-825 256K

Magnetic Brakes and Clutches - M Series 265KB

PCC-1000 256K

Magnetic Particle Brakes and Clutches 533KB

PCC-1225 192K

Pneumatic Brakes 580KB

PCC-1525 192K

ModEvo Pneumatic Brakes 800KB
PB Series

PB - Series Brake 2.1MB


PB-120 128K

  Ultrasonic Sensors 95KB

PB-170 128K

  Bushing Part Numbers 48KB

PB-250FM 128K

  Glossary 49KB

PB-400FM 128K

  Conversion Factors 45KB

PB-500 192K

  Index 59KB

PB-500 Heavy Duty 192K


PB-650 192K

Linear Products
Sistemas lineales
A-Track Actuator Catalog 5,766 KB

PB-825 256K

  A-Track Linear Actuator Brochure 2,839 KB

PB-825 Heavy Duty 256K

  A-Track Linear Actuator Competitive Interchange 1,957 KB

PB-1000 256K


PB-1000 Heavy Duty 256K

Sensors & Switches
Sensores inductivos, capacitivos y ópticos
Sensors Catalog 2MB

PB-1225 256K

  Standard Sensor Products 1MB

PB-1225 Heavy Duty 192K

  Choosing The Correct Sensor36K

PB-1525 192K

  Photoelectric Sensors 247K

PB-1525 Heavy Duty 192K

  Ultrasonic Sensors 173K
MB - Series

MB - Series Motor Brake 960K

  Inductive Sensors 176K

MB-825FM 192K

  Capacitive Sensors 133K

MB-825FM Heavy Duty 192K

  Magnetic Sensors 108K

MB-1000FM 192K

  Sensor Controls 55K

MB-1000FM Heavy Duty 192K

  Thermoplastic Limit Switches 429K

MB-1225FM 192K

  Metal Limit Switches 153K

MB-1225FM Heavy Duty 192K

  Foot Switches 153K
PCB - Series

PCB - Series Clutch / Brake 2.7MB

  Safety Technology Products 816K

PCB-825 320K

  Safety Position Interlocks 585K

PCB-825 Heavy Duty 320K

  Solenoid Locking 127K

PCB-1000 320K

  Coded Magnetic Monitoring Systems 131K

PCB-1000 Heavy Duty 320K

  Cable Pull Switches 153K

PCB-1225/1000 320K

  Glossary of Terms 39K

PCB-1225/1000 Heavy Duty 320K

  Index to Part Numbers 71K

PCB-1225 320K


PCB-1225 Heavy Duty 320K

Precision Tork Magnetic Particle Clutches & Brakes
Embragues y frenos de particulas magnéticas

Complete Catalog 1MB

PCB-1525/1225 320K

Application Information 320K

PCB-1525/1225 Heavy Duty 320K

Selection 64K
SFPBC - Series

SFPBC - Series Clutch / Brake Coupling 704K

Design and Operation 128K

SFPBC-500 320K

Specifications 128K

SFPBC-500 Heavy Duty 320K

Controls 128K

SFPBC-650 320K

PCBC - Series

PCBC - Series Clutch / Brake Coupling 1.9MB

Precision Tork Magnetic Clutches and Brakes
Embragues y frenos magnéticos
Complete Brochure 4.8MB

PCBC-500 320K


PCBC-500 Heavy Duty 256K

Warner Electric Magnetic Particle Clutches & Brakes
Embragues y frenos electromagneticos de particulas magneticas
Complete Catalog 686K

PCBC-825 320K


PCBC-1000 320K

Vehicular Engine Pump and Compressor Power Take - off Clutches 980K

PCBC-1225/1000 320K


PCBC-1225 320K


PCBC-1525/1225 320K


Frenos electromagneticos para seguridad, Embragues electromagneticos, Frenos de imanes para control de tension, Controles Analogicos y digitales, Controles para embragues y frenos, Fotoceldas para marcas en color y sensores diversos