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Frenos y embragues hidráulicos

Frenos y embragues de díscos multiples inmersos en aceite.

Frenos modulares

Embragues modulares

Freno embrague modular

Frenos de alto par y tamaño compacto

Catálogo General

APC 2008 All Products Catalog (148 pags, 11.5 MB)

APC 2008 Introduction APC 2008 Catalog Table of Contents  

X Class Posidyne Brochure X Class Posidyne Installation Manual X Class Posidyne Service Manual  

Service Manual 01/1.5 Installation Manual 1/5 Split Quill Input Service Manual 01/1.5 with Split Quill Input  
Size 02 - 30 Posidyne® clutch/brakes: Service Manuals
Size 02 Size 2.5 Size 2.5 Blender Installation Manual Size 03-20
Size 02-30 Installation Manual External Cooling System    

Service Manual 01/1.5 Installation Manual 1/5 Split Quill Input Service Manual 01/1.5 with Split Quill Input  

Posistop® Motor Brakes:Service Manuals
MB-056 Motor Brake MB-056 Motor Brake Installation Manual MB-180/210/210L MB-180/210/210L Installation Manual
MB-210-494 Motor Brake MB-250/280/320 MB-250/280/320 Installation Manual BescoStop


Posistop® Brakes Other: Service Manuals
Coupler Brake 056 Coupler Brake 056 Installation Manual Coupler Brake 210/250/280/320  


MagnaShear® Brakes: Quick Mount Style Brochure and Manuals
MagnaShear® Quick Mount Brochure Size MSB2, MSB4 & MSB6 Service Manual Size MSB2 Installation Manual Size MSB4 Installation Manual
Size MSB6 Installation Manual      
MagnaShear® Brakes: Collet Style Service Manuals
Size MSB2 Service Manual Size MSB3 - MSB8 Service Manual    
Large Magna Shear: Brochure and Service Manual
Large MagnaShear® Brochure Size MSB9/MSB10/MSB12 Service Manual    



Catalog Section 6: Foot Mounted Posistop Brake

Special Brakes: Brochure and Service Manual
210 Shaft Mounted Posistop Brake Manual 210 Shaft Mounted Posistop Brake Intallation Manual    

E-Stop Brake Service Manual :Service Manual


Positorq® Tension & Absorber Brakes
Service Manual
Contact Factory    
Forced Lube Cooling Unit Service Manual Positorq® Brak:    


Valves & Accessories
Service Manual:      


Controls CLPC:Service Manual
CLPC® LC CLPC Series II    


PosiDrive® Catalog
Brochure and Service Manuals      
PosiDrive® Brochure PosiDrive® Servo System Servo PosiDrive® RS Series Servo PosiDrive® RC Series
Servo PosiDrive® RD Series Servo Auto Catcher Gearbox    

Posidyne® PMD Packaged Machine Drives
Service Manual:      
PMD 2000 Insert      
Posidyne® Dual Clutch Clutch/Brakes
Service Manual:    
MultiSpeed/High Speed Reversing MSDr Size 02 MSDr Size 2.5 TSDr Inline & C-Flow



Posidyne® Electro Hydraulic Clutch/Brakes
Service Manuals:      
Electro Hydralic Size 02 Electro Hydralic Size 2.5    


Two Speed Drives
Service Manual:    



Magna Shear Two Speed Drive

Application Services, Unit Selection and Engineering Information

Catalog Section 16: General Engineering Information

Service Manual
SmartPac Service Manual SmartPac Installation Manual Curing Press Brake Service Manual  

Other Manuals
512-11/20 Indexing Drives Installation Manual 502-60-215 GRB-40 502-AC-002 Posidyne Auto Catcher 502-WGR Worm Gear Reducer
512-WGR Worm Gear Reducer Installation Manual 502-PW-001 PosiWeave With Magnetic Encoder
502-PW-002 PosiWeave With Optical Encoder 512-20P-002 Quadrature (Magnetic) Wiring for CLPC LC
502-CLPC-004 Page #9 Revised Home Prox Wiring 512-20P-001 Planetary Upgrade    

IPLS User Interface 1.2.2   Catalog Section